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Lazy Eye - released January 2018. From the album Everybody Thinks You're Great



Moon Under Water - released January 2016. From the album Everybody Thinks You're Great



Alibi - released January 2013. From the album Dear Me!



Dear Me! - released January 2011. From the album Dear Me!





A singer-songwriter in his own right, Kaj has writen, produced and recorded two albums to date. Follow the links below to listen or purchase them from iTunes.


'Everybody Thinks You're Great' album cover

Everybody Thinks You’re Great

“My second album picks up where Dear Me! left off. It’s a musical journal of thoughts and feelings about friends, family and relationships.”
- Kaj

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'Dear Me!' album cover by Kaj

Dear Me!

“My aim with my debut album was to keep things simple. Minimal production, lots of melody and a chance to explore my songwriting and performance capabilities.”
- Kaj

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