I'm A Beardo!

By Kaj on 09 Apr 2015

I am a beardo, anyone who has ever met me, see a picture of me or ever high-fived me in the street knows that!


For me it’s not a recent thing. I have succesfully owned or rather worn one for around three and a half years. Before I was a beardo, I dreamed of being one. For me it was something to aspire to and those with beards simply led better lives. Richer or poorer. 


My heroes had beards, Jim Morrison, The Beach Boys, Father Christmas and Thor. Whether I had any talent or profile, I could at least have a beard, just like them.


As a younger beard wearer, I experimented a little. The Goatee, the side beard, the soul patch beard, before full beard I had them all. This was mainly due the frustrating the fact that at this stage a full beard wouldn’t grow. 


As a musician, the license to beard is a very general one. Hygeinically, most people don’t have any expectation of their musician, leaving him/her free to grow hair at will. Since becoming a full time musician around four years ago, the freedom of being self employed and the need for a new hobby mean’t that I had decided to commit to growing the above mentioned full beard.


Now, I am of course very aware 2014 has been the year of the beard and this may well lead on to summer of 2015. Personally, I doubt whether this trend will see the year out. Before I know it myself and my beard will out of fashion once more. 


I am obviously enjoying the great beard revival, as I say I am a fan of the beard. If in the past I have taken off my beard, it unfortuntaely looks like someone has shaved a monkey.


At present I have no intention of leaving my beard behind. When I think about the future, my beard is firmly a part of it. Just me, my girl, my guitar and my beard. It will be the same one that I had all those years ago.....and like all trends...it will be back in fashion one day...and so will I.




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