On location - 'Lazy Eye' videoshoot!

By Kaj on 18 Oct 2017


Article by Heather.


Kaj has recently been filming a video for his song 'Lazy Eye' which is from his current album Everybody Thinks You're GreatIt's a song open to interpretation, but for me it's about a love that has become idle, and needs a bit of TLC to make the relationship strong again...

Kaj wanted the video to be fun, almost Charlie Chaplin-esque in its approach, and he worked with videographer Tam Johnstone and actress/photographer Helena Tondryk-Wilde

The video was filmed at various locations in and around St. Ives and will be released soon, but until then, here are some sneak peek shots that I took on the day!




Tam in action filming a scene in Hamilton's Barbers




It's all go at Hamilton's Barbers


Hannah Symons and Alice from  Number 8 Hairdressing touch up Helena's make-up between scenes




Helena and Kaj act out the first scene of the day




Looking out to see on location at Porthgwidden Beach




Kaj keeps our beautiful leading lady warm between takes




Helena 'working' at The Scoff Troff Cafe




It's a wrap! We finish up the day filming at The Scoff Troff CafeAnd we might have had a cheeky pint afterwards too!



Special thanks to:
Helena Tondryk-Wilde for looking gorgeous and fabulous acting

Tam Johnstone for running round and filming our every whim

Darren Pascoe of Spartan's HQ gym for playing Kaj's love rival and lending us his muscles

Hamilton's BarbersScoff Troff Cafe and Beachside for letting us film, and for being so accommodating

Hannah Symons for Helena's stunning make-up

Number 8 Hairdressing's Alice for Helena's beautiful, long lasting hairstyle

Porthgwidden Beach Cafe for lending us deckchairs! 


Come back and check Kaj's website soon to view the lazy Eye video in its full glory!


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