Ruan & Luisa - Jan 2015

By Heather on 02 Mar 2015

Photos by Alan Law Photography 

Dancing to Kaj's Music

Those of you that have planned a wedding know how difficult it can be... but imagine trying to plan a wedding in Cornwall when you live in Australia! Ruan & Luisa did just that, so it was more important than ever that I made booking Kaj for their wedding as easy as possible. The couple hadn't heard Kaj play before and went purely on the recommendation of their venue The Green in Liskeard. In a beautifully secluded spot not far from the moors of Bodmin, this venue offers a beautifully rustic barn for small, intimate weddings.


Booking a musician you've never heard before, especially for your wedding day, is a nerve-wracking thing to do. You have the expectancy of your guests who are looking forward to lively music! How can one man, a guitar and a piano compete with a band? I knew that Kaj would be perfect for them, especially as the venue wasn't that big - you don't want a whole band taking up all the dance floor!

Bride dancing to live music

So Ruan booked, and here's what he had to say about Kaj's music....


"Music and dancing played a major part in our celebration and without the luxury of seeing him perform prior, we knew Kaj would be the man for the job. He did not disappoint, moving effortlessly from guitar, to keyboard and back, performing the classic hits that we wanted. We could not be happier that we chose him to be a part of our big day as our guest and ourselves loved it. Thanks again for the perfect entertainment."

Crowd with hands in the air

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