Supporting Xavier Rudd at Lusty Glaze

By Heather on 02 Jul 2015

As a Xavier Rudd fan, Kaj was most pleased when he was offered one of the support slots at Xavier's gig on Friday 26th June. We arrived early for soundcheck, and were greeted by this fantastic view. What a great outside venue Lusty Glaze Beach is when the weather is good!

 Lusty Glaze Beach music venue

Above: The empty Lusty Glaze Beach waiting for it's music loving visitors to arrive


Kaj was up first at 6.15pm, playing as the eager crowds of people made their way down the 133 steps to the beautiful beach below. It's always tough being support as you know the crowd are mostly there to see the main act. But the crowd grew and Kaj really grabbed everyone's attention with his own set of songs. He played a set from both his albums Dear Me! and Everybody Thinks You're Great with just one cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene. The crowd sat and chilled in the afternoon sun giving Kaj much applause, buying his CDs and listening intently to his set.


Kaj plays music at Lusty Glaze Beach


Above: Kaj tried not to be upstaged by the large didgeridoo to his right...


backstage at Lusty Glaze Beach stage

Above: My backstage view as Kaj had just finished his set


The second support slot was by Echo Town, a Yorkshire based brother duo playing guitar, lap-slide, stomp box, harmonica, didgeridoo and percussion with soulful singing and harmonies. We really enjoyed their upbeat set, admiring their ability  to make that full band sound with just the two of them.


Echo Town play Lusty Glaze beach

Above: Echo Town whip the crown into a frenzy with their percussive, upbeat set. 
Photo by Dave Whelan of Purple Gecko Events


Lusty Glaze Beach

Above: When the crowd turned away from the stage this was their view.


And as the sun began to set it was time for the main man himself with his band Xavier Rudd and the United Nations. Descending secretly from their big black tour bus parked at the top of the cliff, the nine musicians took their place centre stage to rapturous applause. For once Kaj and I got to go to a gig together, a rare opportunity for us! We ate, drank and got our groove on to Xavier's infectious percussive beats and hypnotic didgeridoo sounds. The United Nations were a group of musicians from diverse cultures of Australia, Indigenous Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Germany and Papua New Guinea. Their music and harmonies made Xavier's sound even more full and all-encompassing to the ears. And they were certainly entertaining with their costume get ups!


Above: The crowd dance and enjoy the sounds of Zavier Rudd and The United Nations
(Pixelated photo courtesy of 1990's camera phone)


Xavier Rudd plays Lusty Glaze Beach

Above: Xavier engages the crowd, suited and booted in feathery top hat 
Photo by Dave Whelan of Purple Gecko Events


When Xavier finished his set, he left the crowd chanting for more but the sun had set and it was all over. As someone who wasn't familiar with Xavier's music prior to this gig, I can say that I really enjoyed his set. I'd recommend that if you ever get the opportunity to see him live then do so! But whether you'll catch him again at Lusty Glaze I don't know.... maybe just a memory for the lucky ones who went to treasure.


Xavier Rudd plays guitar on the beach

Above: Xavier Rudd steals a moment to play his guitar in the Cornish afternoon sun
Photo by Dave Whelan of Purple Gecko Events


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